Safe Places of the Heart (2016)

Setting of an extraordinary anthem of inclusion by Ronald W. Cadmus

Available in SATB, SSAA, TTBB versions
Performance by the Harrisburg Gay Men’s Choir on YouTube.

My heart will be a home for you
Where in the window of our dreams
The cause of right comes shining through
Where every word is kind
Where every spoken word is kind

Where outstretched arms embrace diversity
And open and affirming minds
Encourage others to be free
Striving for equality
Respecting each one’s dignity
To love who we were born to be.

No one is alone
By holding hands we sing out loud
And take the stand that we are proud.
To change the world through love somehow

When there is love
There is no room for prejudice
Together gay and straight can help create
Safe places of the heart

With one voice we will celebrate
How we were made
Love whom we choose
And hope within our darkest nights
Will lead us into the rainbow’s light.

When stares despise the way we love
Our eyes will speak of deeper grace
Cause love keeps truth within its sight
As it dares to speak its name
As it dares to speak its name
As it dares to speak its name
So our self-worth can be proclaimed…

No one is alone
By holding hands we sing out loud
And take the stand that we are proud
To change the world, through love, somehow

When there is love
There’s nothing that the heart can’t do.
Together we can raise our voice
Claim who we are is not a choice
See ourselves in different ways
While living in
In Safe Places of the
of the
of the Heart

Genesis (2016)

Genesis for soloists, chorus, brass & percussion
Libretto by *Ronald W. Cadmus & **Maria V.S. Seigenthaler
Premiered at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia, PA
June 4, 2016
Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale
Jeffrey R. Smith, conductor


The Garden of Green Leaves*

Cain & Abel*


The Tower of Babel*

Of Eternity Considered as a Closed System (2007)

For soloists, chorus & orchestra. A setting of seven poems by the late Jewish American poet Hyam Plutzik commissioned by the Plutzik /Goldwasser Foundation. Premiered February 5, 2007 at Carnegie Hall, New York City by the Westfield Symphony & Pro Arte Chorale.


The Uneasy Hedonist

Connecticut Autumn

The Milkman

Shoeless Joe Jackson

The Premonition

Of Eternity Considered as a Closed System

Into the Light (2010)

For SSAATB chorus & chamber orchestra. A commission from the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale to write a work about our journey into the great beyond using vocal sounds for text. It can also be performed with piano accompaniment.
Music by Robert S. Cohen, Text (vocal sounds)
(Midi Realization)
Live Recording in works

Alzheimer’s Stories (2009)

For soloists, chorus & large ensemble. A commission from the Susquehanna Valley Chorale with a libretto by Herschel Garfein based on recollections of chorus members and friends with relatives who’ve had the dreaded disease. It was premiered October 9, 2009 at the Weis Center for the Performing Arts conducted by Dr. William Payn. Recorded for broadcast by PBS television station WVIA and subsequently performed throughout the U.S and Europe. Published by C.F. Peters

Montclair State University Chorus
Heather Buchanan, conductor
Adriana Zabala, mezzo-soprano
Keith Phares, baritone
December 6, 2015

The Numbers

The Stories

For the Caregivers

Download Alzheimers Stories Libretto

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