Galapagos Suite (2012)

Five movements for solo marimba inspired by a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Each movement explores one of the unique species that inhabits the islands: “Rise of the Archipelago,” “Dance of the Blue-Footed Boobies,” Iguana Rock,” “Tortoise Moon” and “Run, Sally Lightfoot, Run.”

Music by Robert S. Cohen
Piano, Nataliya Medvedovskaya

Rise of the Archipelago

Dance of the Blue-Footed Boobies

Iguana Rock

Tortoise Moon

Run, Sally Lightfoot, Run


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.

Tiktaalik (2006)

For five percussionists. A work that imagines the journey of the 375 million-year-old long-sought missing link in the evolution of fishes from water to a life walking on land. Has been performed as a ballet (also arrangement for 3 percussionists).

Recorded live by the New Jersey New Music Forum
April 4, 2007, Kean University, New Jersey


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.

Homeland Security Suite (2006-2007)

A six movement (+1) suite for a variety of percussion instruments inspired by the colors of the now defunct Homeland Security Alert System: Green Alert (hand percussion), Blue Alert (mallets), Yellow Alert (snare & small percussion), Orange Alert (solo timpani) and Red Alert (the kitchen sink). Rounding it off White Alert a very short final footnote for cuica.

Music by Robert S. Cohen
Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble – October 20, 2007

Green Alert — for Small Percussion & Steel Drum (2007)

Blue Alert — for Glockenspiel, Vibraphone & Marimba (2007)

Yellow Alert — for Snare Drum & Small Percussion (2006)

Orange Alert — for Solo Timpani (2006)

Red Alert — Percussion & Aid Raid Siren (2007)

White Alert — Solo Cuica (2007)


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.

An Ant’s World (2009)

A delightfully quirky work for marimba (four hands) that explores four scenes from the life of an ant: “The Work Never Ends,” “Invasion of the Anteaters,” “Dat Roach is a Heavy Load” and “It’s Good to serve the Queen.” (Also available in an arrangement for solo piano & one for two violins published by Peer Music Gmbh)


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.