Homeland Security Suite (2006-2007)

A six movement (+1) suite for a variety of percussion instruments inspired by the colors of the now defunct Homeland Security Alert System: Green Alert (hand percussion), Blue Alert (mallets), Yellow Alert (snare & small percussion), Orange Alert (solo timpani) and Red Alert (the kitchen sink). Rounding it off White Alert a very short final footnote for cuica.

Music by Robert S. Cohen
Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble – October 20, 2007

Green Alert — for Small Percussion & Steel Drum (2007)

Blue Alert — for Glockenspiel, Vibraphone & Marimba (2007)

Yellow Alert — for Snare Drum & Small Percussion (2006)

Orange Alert — for Solo Timpani (2006)

Red Alert — Percussion & Aid Raid Siren (2007)

White Alert — Solo Cuica (2007)


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.