The Music

Calder’s Circus (2015)

Work for Woodwind Quintet inspired by the circus sculptures of Alexander Calder permanently on exhibit at the Whitney Museum in NYC. Movements are entitled: “The Big Top,” “Rigolout, the Strong Man,” “Lion Lullaby with Mouse” and “Doze Friggin’ Clowns.”

All tracks performed by the Sunderman Wind Quintet

Big Top Parade

Rigoulot, the Strong Man

Lion Lullaby with Mouse

Doze Friggin’ Clowns



Five Nights in Sofia (2010)

For violin & piano. A five-movement work for violin & piano based on Bulgarian Folk Songs inspired by my stay in Sofia. Bulgaria. Published by Edition Peters.

Music by Robert S. Cohen
Violin, Stanichka Dimitrova
Piano, Nana Shi

Gypsy Baccanale

Midnight Girl

Dancing Snowflakes

Mourning Bells

Banitza Bang

The Mysterious Transformation of Johann B. (2008)

Three imagined scenes from the life of J.S. Bach for Clarinet & Percussion Ensemble and winner of 2008 Composers Circle Award.

Echoes From the Cathedral

Leipzig Blues

Dancing With the Devil

String Quartet # 2 “A Day in the Life” (2004)

A work in five movements that musically explores a day in the life of a dance: “Wake Up!” “The Aging Ballerina’s Morning Exercises,” “Practice Makes Perfect,” Another Day Job” and “Gotta Dance.” Winner of the New England String Quartet’s 2011 International Composition Competition.

N.J. Music Society’s Ensemble America

I. Wake Up!

II. The Aging Ballerina Performs Her Morning Exercises

III. Practice Makes Perfect

IV. Another Day Job

V. Gotta Dance

Galapagos Suite (2012)

Five movements for solo marimba inspired by a trip to the Galapagos Islands. Each movement explores one of the unique species that inhabits the islands: “Rise of the Archipelago,” “Dance of the Blue-Footed Boobies,” Iguana Rock,” “Tortoise Moon” and “Run, Sally Lightfoot, Run.”

Music by Robert S. Cohen
Piano, Nataliya Medvedovskaya

Rise of the Archipelago

Dance of the Blue-Footed Boobies

Iguana Rock

Tortoise Moon

Run, Sally Lightfoot, Run


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.