The Music

Tiktaalik (2006)

For five percussionists. A work that imagines the journey of the 375 million-year-old long-sought missing link in the evolution of fishes from water to a life walking on land. Has been performed as a ballet (also arrangement for 3 percussionists).

Recorded live by the New Jersey New Music Forum
April 4, 2007, Kean University, New Jersey


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.

Edison Invents (2005)

For Baritone and Orchestra. Commissioned by the Westfield Symphony and Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation with a libretto by Grammy Award winning Herschel Garfein, this unique which combines theatrical and symphonic elements to dramatize the life of Thomas Edison, a great and often underrated American whose inventions literally changed the everyday life of people around the world. The basic theme of the piece is a consideration of how Edison, like many great figures of history, compromised his personal relationships in order to achieve greatness.
Music by Robert S. Cohen, Libretto by Herschel Garfein
Ron Bohmer, Baritone
Westfield Symphony, David Wroe, Conductor
Recorded 9 Apr 05, Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Suburb the musical (2000)

Off-Broadway Musical with book and lyrics by David Javerbaum, it was winner of the 2000 American Academy of Arts and Letters Richard Rodgers Award and premiered at the York Theatre, New York, NY. Subsequently, performed by dozens of theatres both in the U.S. and Europe. Winner of the Artie Award for Best Musical of 2000; nominated for the Lucille Lortel Award, Outer Critics Circle Award and winner of Drama League 2001 Award for Best Actress in a Musical. It is licensed and published by Dramatic Publishing.
Music by Robert S. Cohen, Lyrics by David Javerbaum




The Girl Next Door

Ready or Not



Walking To School


Homeland Security Suite (2006-2007)

A six movement (+1) suite for a variety of percussion instruments inspired by the colors of the now defunct Homeland Security Alert System: Green Alert (hand percussion), Blue Alert (mallets), Yellow Alert (snare & small percussion), Orange Alert (solo timpani) and Red Alert (the kitchen sink). Rounding it off White Alert a very short final footnote for cuica.

Music by Robert S. Cohen
Ithaca College Percussion Ensemble – October 20, 2007

Green Alert — for Small Percussion & Steel Drum (2007)

Blue Alert — for Glockenspiel, Vibraphone & Marimba (2007)

Yellow Alert — for Snare Drum & Small Percussion (2006)

Orange Alert — for Solo Timpani (2006)

Red Alert — Percussion & Aid Raid Siren (2007)

White Alert — Solo Cuica (2007)


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.

An Ant’s World (2009)

A delightfully quirky work for marimba (four hands) that explores four scenes from the life of an ant: “The Work Never Ends,” “Invasion of the Anteaters,” “Dat Roach is a Heavy Load” and “It’s Good to serve the Queen.” (Also available in an arrangement for solo piano & one for two violins published by Peer Music Gmbh)


Published by the percussion publisher HoneyRock Music.

Parable (1986)

For soprano & piano. A song cycle setting of ten English translations of Japanese Haiku that mirror the cycle of life. Also in a version for chamber orchestra.

Coril Prochnow, soprano
Brian Farrell, piano

Parable: A Song Cycle for Soprano and Orchestra (1986)
Leila Deis, Soprano; Hudson Symphony, Gary Schneider, conductor

Ah me, I am the one   (1:23)

See, see, see! Oh see   (2:29)

White moth, flutter off   (1:26)

Rainy month   (2:53)

Fever felled Halfway   (1:40)


Three lovliest things   (3:11)