Robert S. Cohen | composer

Voice & Theater Music


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Edison Invents (2005)

Baritone, orchestra

Duration: c. 35'

Edison Invents dramatizes the life of Thomas Edison, a great and often underrated American whose inventions literally changed the everyday life of people around the world. The basic theme of the piece is a consideration of how Edison, like many great figures of history, compromised his personal relationships in order to achieve greatness.

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Parable (1986)

Soprano, chamber orchestra

Duration: c. 24'

This song cycle of English translations of 10 Japanese Haiku explores the cycle of the seasons and life.

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Song of the Goddess Isis (2024) NEW!

Soprano & piano

Duration: c. 6'

Text by Robert S. Cohen

The premiere performance was given on May 22, 2024, at the DiMenna Center for Classical Music, New York, New York.


Suburb (2000)

8 performers, piano (small ensemble)

Duration: c. 120'

Suburb takes an insightful, witty, and nuanced view of the world of the lawnmower, the barbecue, and the mall, exploring the suburb’s rites and rituals with a four-person chorus (expandable to eight) and four main characters. The stories of these four people-interwoven with the chorus’s frequent musical reveries on subjects like mowing the lawn, the mall, and the perfection of perfectly grilled meat-form the road map of Suburb.

Winner of the Richard Rodgers Development Award.

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